News and Events

12/16/2017-SAT-The Baltimore House, Pittsburgh PA 9:30 PM

12/31/2017-SUN-NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION-Crafthouse Stage & Grill, Baldwin PA-9:00 PM

2018 DATES

1/6/2018-SAT-Baja Bar and Grill, Fox Chapel PA 9PM

1/20/2018-SAT-Rochester Inn, Pittsburgh PA 8:30 PM

1/26/2018-FRI-Headliners at the Meadows Casino-8PM

2/10/2018-SAT-Elizabeth VFD-Elizabeth PA-9 PM

2/17/2018-SAT-Mulligans Sports Bar-West Mifflin PA-9:30 PM

2/24/2018-SAT-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA-9 PM

3/2/2018-FRI-Matterhorn at Seven Springs -9 PM

3/17/2018-SAT-Harvey Wilners-West Mifflin PA-9:30 PM-Rescheduled

3/23/2018-FRI-The Grove-Castle Shannon PA-8:30 PM

3/24/2018-SAT-Baja Bar and Grill, Fox Chapel PA 9 PM

3/31/2018-SAT-White Oak American Legion  8:30 PM

4/7/2018-SAT-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA-9 PM

4/14/2018-SAT-Rochester Inn-Pittsburgh PA-8:30 PM

4/21/2018-SAT-Baltimore House-Pittsburgh PA-9:30 PM-Cancelled

5/18/2018-FRI-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA-9 PM

5/25/2018-FRI-Hollywood Casino-Mahoning-9PM

6/1/2018-FRI-The Grove-Castle Shannon PA-8:30 PM

6/3/2018-SUN-Tiki Bar-Pittsburgh PA   2 PM

6/9/2018-SAT-Rochester Inn-Pittsburgh PA-8:30 PM

6/16/2018-SAT-Baltimore House-Pittsburgh PA-9:30 PM

6/29/2018-FRI-Baja Bar and Grill, Fox Chapel PA-8PM

7/7/2018-SAT-Drum Bar at Rivers Casino-Pittsburgh PA-9PM

7/13/2018-FRI-The Grove-Castle Shannon PA-8:30 PM

7/20/2018-FRI-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA-9PM

8/11/2018-SAT-Rochester Inn-Pittsburgh PA-8:30PM

8/18/2018-SAT-Paradise Park-Cowansville, PA- 5-7 PM

8/25/2018-SAT-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA-9PM

8/31/2018-FRI-The Grove-Castle Shannon PA-8:30 PM

9/1/2018-SAT-Jergels-Warrendale PA-9 PM

9/2/2018-SUN-Tiki Bar-Pittsburgh PA   2 PM

9/15/2018-SAT-Harvey Wilners-West Mifflin PA-9:30 PM

9/22/2018-SAT-Headliners at the Meadows Casino-8PM

9/29/2018-SAT-Oktoberfest at Butler County Fairgrounds.  3:45 PM

10/5/2018-FRI-The Grove-Castle Shannon PA-8:30 PM

10/13/2018-SAT-Crafthouse-Baldwin PA 9PM

10/19/2018-FRI-Frankie I's-Washington PA 9:30 PM

11/3/2018-SAT-Mulligans Sports Bar-West Mifflin PA 9:30 PM

11/24/2018-SAT-Rochester Inn-Pittsburgh PA-8:30 PM

12/11/2018-TUES-Private Party

12/31/2018-NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION-Crafthouse Stage & Grill, Baldwin PA-9:00 PM